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Every year around September, Fukuoka holds various Asian cultural, academic, and art events such as the award ceremony for the Fukuoka Prize, Focus on Asia – Fukuoka International Film Festival, and Asian Pacific Festival Fukuoka. Through these events as well as exhibitions, film screenings, symposiums, and music and art events involving interaction and exchange, we hope to encourage cultural exchanges, sharing of ideas, and working together.

Fukuoka Asian Culture Prizes
The Fukuoka Prize was established to honor outstanding achievements by individuals or groups in preserving and creating the unique and diverse cultures of Asia. The aim is to foster and increase awareness of the value of Asian cultures as well as to establish a framework within which the people of Asia can learn from each other.
Focus on Asia, Fukuoka International Film Festival
Objectives of this film festival are: to introduce outstanding Asian films to the rest of the world; deepening the citizens' understanding of Asia through films; promoting grassroots-level cultural and international exchange through films; and discovering and cultivating new talents in the film industry.
Asian Pacific Festival
ASIAN PACIFIC Festival Fukuoka - Where all the charms of the Asian Pacific region come together